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Reaching Your Audience

by Gettysburg College

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Mon, Jan 18, 2021

1 PM – 2:30 PM EST (GMT-5)

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Event Title: Oral Communication and Presentation Techniques: Reaching Your Audience
Organization: Break Term

This session will cover the techniques and best practices for communicating with a live audience and how to connect to and engage with an audience.


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Rod Tosten

Professor of Computer Science and Vice President for Information Technology

Gettysburg College

Dr. Rodney S. Tosten is the Vice President for Information Technology. Rod graduated from Gettysburg College with a B.A. in Mathematics in 1985 and returned in 1990 to teach computer science in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Rod`s research interests revolve around distributed processing, database and distributed applications on the World Wide Web, and the Java language environment. Due to his experiences in a family car business, Rod stays active with small businesses including Eagle Software which specializes in software for transmission shops and PoCo Paper, a post consumer paper art company. Rod also took a two year leave of absence from the college to work for a software startup company. Rod received his M.S. in Computer Science from West Virginia University and his Ph.D. in Information Technology and Engineering from George Mason University. Rod is a past chair of the Department of Computer Science which the College formed in 1999. Rod is also a certified Pennsylvania State Inspection Mechanic. For relaxation, Rod is involved with woodworking, archery, and model railroading.

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Darryl Jones

Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Coordinator for Multicultural Admission & Intercollegiate Athletics Liaison

Gettysburg College

Darryl Jones has worked in admissions at Gettysburg College for 35 years. He has extensive training in public speaking and connecting with audiences from across the nation and around the world, and he is a frequent presenter at NACAC, PACAC, and the College Board.

Jones is PULSE Certified in conflict mediation, team building, personal coaching, and negotiating. He helped establish the first college/university partnership in the nation for the CollegeBound Initiative in New York, Philadelphia Futures, and The Academy Group in Chicago.

Jones was honored with the William R. McClintick Jr. Service Award in 2011 and, most recently, the Delwin K. Gustafson Recognition Award in 2020.

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