How To Spot Fraudulent Employers

How to Spot a Fraudulent Email:

  • Writing is poor and does not read well, and there are grammatical/syntax errors.
  • You are asked to send personal information to the sender (e.g., driver’s license, Social Security number, bank account numbers, college ID, etc.).
  • You are asked to send a check or money order to the sender.
  • The sender does not disclose the company name or phone number.
  • You did not seek out or pursue the opportunity.
  • The email states they got your information from your college career services office (the Center for Career Engagement does not release your resume to anyone without your approval).
  • The information contained in the email seems “too good to be true.”


Legitimate employers do not offer jobs to students whom they have never met! NEVER send personal information to someone you do not know!

If you receive any emails offering you a job for which you did not apply, please forward the email to so that the Employer Relations Team can investigate.