Cohesive Leadership

Our officers are dedicated to ensuring that our chapter reflects the core values of the ATO fraternity. The team brings incredible insight and leadership to every facet of the chapter. Our officers come from a wide array of academic backgrounds and hold a variety of extracurricular interests, making our team one of incredible versatility.

Alex Stillman
Rodney Tosten
Jack Corrigan
Chris Gibson
Scholarship Chair
Mike Galaida
Philanthropy Chair
Trevor Hoffman
Risk Manager
Noah Middlekauff
Public Relations
Tommy Lieberman
Philanthropy Chair
Desmond O'Rourke
Public Relations
Matt Muir
Philanthropy Chair
Ryan Dupree
House Manager/Property Manager
Teddy Girton
Recruitment Chair
Jack Gordon
Andrew McCarthy
Recruitment Chair
Jr McCloskey
New Member Educator
Paul Pelham
Sergeant of Arms
Maxwell Schelling
Matt Lajoie
Philanthropy Chair