Cohesive Leadership

Our officers are dedicated to ensuring that our chapter reflects the core values of the ATO fraternity. The team brings incredible insight and leadership to every facet of the chapter. Our officers come from a wide array of academic backgrounds and hold a variety of extracurricular interests, making our team one of incredible versatility.

Charlie Wattick Profile

Charlie Wattick

Charlie Korsak Profile

Charlie Korsak

Inclusion Chairperson
Vito Gallello Profile

Vito Gallello

Rocco Abdinoor Profile

Rocco Abdinoor

Recruitment Chair
Phillip Stasko Profile

Phillip Stasko

Recruitment Chair
Eric Schmoll Profile

Eric Schmoll

Social Chair
Trey Sacus Profile

Trey Sacus

Recruitment Chair
Ryan Hill Profile

Ryan Hill

Joey Racanelli Profile

Joey Racanelli

Social Chair
Bruno Spadafora Profile

Bruno Spadafora

Scholarship Chair
Aidan Fecteau Profile

Aidan Fecteau

Tomas Valladares Profile

Tomas Valladares

Jason Roskam Profile

Jason Roskam

Kevin Trafford Profile

Kevin Trafford

Connor Whitlow Profile

Connor Whitlow

Panhellenic/IFC Representative
Bryce Hogan Profile

Bryce Hogan

New Member Educator
Greg Himstreet Profile

Greg Himstreet

Evan Rose Profile

Evan Rose

House Manager/Property Manager
David Haden Profile

David Haden

Risk Manager
Brian Andersen Profile

Brian Andersen

Philanthropy Chair
Anthony Apicella Profile

Anthony Apicella

Rodney Tosten Profile

Rodney Tosten