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- Foster Creativity: Encourage members to express their creativity through fashion. Organize design workshops, where members can learn and experiment with different aspects of fashion, such as sketching, pattern-making, and garment construction.

- Promote Inclusivity: Create a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals with varying levels of interest in fashion. Emphasize diversity in fashion styles and cultural influences.

- Fashion Blog/ Magazine: Start a fashion blog in collaboration with the Gettysburgian featuring members' designs, trends, and style inspiration. Use social media platforms to share content and build an online community.

- Thrift and Sustainable Fashion Initiatives: Promote sustainable and ethical fashion practices. Organize thrift store shopping trips, clothing swaps, or DIY workshops to encourage eco-friendly choices.

- Collaborations with Local Businesses: Partner with local boutiques, designers, or businesses for collaborative events. This could include pop-up shops, joint fashion shows, or exclusive discounts for club members.

- Fashion Theme: Weekly fashion theme day to stimulate creativity and push members out of their comfort zones. - Skill Development: Offer skill development workshops on topics like styling, sewing, makeup, and fashion photography

- Community Outreach: Engage in community service projects related to fashion, such as organizing clothing drives for charities or participating in fashion-related fundraising events.

- Fashion Discussion Panels: Host panel discussions on current fashion issues, trends, and innovations. Invite experts to share insights and engage in meaningful conversations about the fashion industry.









Members Benefits

- Inclusive and diverse fashion events that celebrate various styles and cultural influences. A supportive and welcoming environment for individuals with all levels of interest in fashion.

- Opportunities to have their designs, writings, and style featured in the Gettysburgian - Participation in eco-friendly initiatives such as clothing swaps, thrift store shopping trips, and DIY workshops.

- Access to events with local boutiques, designers, and businesses.

- Participation in weekly fashion theme days to stimulate creativity and encourage members to explore different styles, and opportunities to showcase their interpretations of fashion themes through club events.

- Skill development workshops covering styling, sewing, makeup, and fashion photography.

- Involvement in community service projects related to fashion, such as clothing drives for charities or fashion-related fundraising events & recognition for active participation in community outreach initiatives.

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