Zouave Dance Company

Gettysburg College's only all-contemporary dance company!


About Us

Zouave is Gettysburg College's contemporary dance group. We offer a class for all members to practice technique, practice skills, and learn choreography. Various optional classes are offered throughout the rest of the week. All classes learn dances performed in our end of the semester Gettysburg College Dance Showcase hosted by Zouave and featuring other dance groups.

Previous experience is not required, but it is recommended. Performing in the showcase is a semester long commitment.

Class Details

Our main Zouave class is on Monday's 8-9:30 in MPR. In this class, we stretch, do across the floor practices, and learn choreography for the showcase. Other classes are taught throughout the week that can include lyrical, jazz, musical theater, etc. We also offer a class for student's to practice flexibility, skills, and technique.

Spring 2021 Executive Board

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Rin Stevenson

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Mav Schmidt

Senate Rep
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Dylann Eck

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Katy Elser

Senate Rep
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Sage McHattie

Senate Rep
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Julia Spoelker

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Christopher Kauffman