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According to Forbes Magazine, Her Campus is the number one media site for college aged-women, with chapters at hundreds of colleges and universities across the world. Members of Her Campus empower one another, write articles on anything and everything, plan fun events, attend chapter-wide conferences, and post on social media. Since joining the Her Campus team, members have been offered jobs and internships with Vogue, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, and more. While originally for women, anyone and everyone is welcome to join.









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Your work appears in online searches and can be read nationwide. The articles that you write and content you post are what that you want to write or make. Great experience on a resume for anyone interested in writing, editing, or social media management.

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Our Team

Felomina Antolin Profile

Felomina Antolin

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director
Heather Wirick Profile

Heather Wirick

Vice President of Events, Marketing, and Public Relations
Hayley Cisney Profile

Hayley Cisney

TikTok Director
Fiona Cheyney Profile

Fiona Cheyney

Senior Editor
Laken Franchetti Profile

Laken Franchetti

Editor in Chief
Olivia Wodogaza Profile

Olivia Wodogaza

Recruitment Chair
Maddie Platt Profile

Maddie Platt

Chase Roth Profile

Chase Roth

Vice President of Finances
Sophia Kenny Profile

Sophia Kenny

Vice President of Social Media
Sunghee Kim Profile

Sunghee Kim



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