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The goal of the Butterfly Coalition is to provide support to undocumented students on campus and embrace intersectionality and inclusivity within the community. Members of the Butterfly Coalition strive to seek resources to provide undocumented Gettysburg College students with a space that allows for a sense of belongingness and relatedness. It is time to advocate for ourselves and those who prefer not to self-identify in our campus community. We refuse to be represented by groups of people who do not have our best interests in mind. We refuse to be ignored by people on campus that cannot possibly understand what we go through on a daily basis. Therefore, we want to inform others what it means to be undocumented, and of the barriers as well as the risks associated with such statuses. We seek to clear up stereotypes and misconceptions while providing insight on the issues undocumented students persistently internalize, especially in a predominantly white institution. However, this will be a reciprocal effort in which we will also inform our allies on how to provide support for this organization. It is time to keep each other accountable and recognize our occupation on this land that it is not ours.









Members Benefits

Holding confidentiality of student citizenship status

Listening attentively and being mindful in discussions

Being aware of power dynamics and privilege and how they affect interactions with immigration

Being open to being uncomfortable in a space where you might not be the main narrative

Engaging in critical thinking

Staying informed

Extending awareness towards the rest of the campus community

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

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Brenda Reyes-Lua

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Solangel Hernandez Lopez

Social Chair
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Toni Esquivias

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Marrla Ferrer

Public Relations
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Dioselin Jimenez-Cervantes

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Cynthia Ortiz-Sanchez



The Butterfly Coalition

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