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The Inclusion & Belonging team is committed to educating all Gettysburg College students on topics of inclusion, equity, justice and identity exploration while providing support, holistic advising, advocacy, resources and initiatives that encourage the empowerment of historically underserved students.

Through intentional programming and services that focus on the co-curricular and social/emotional development of students, we aim to:

create a welcoming, inclusive and affirming campus environment that allows underrepresented students to find community and feel empowered to be their authentic selves,

provide opportunities for ALL students to develop the skills needed to engage in inquisitive and healthy discourse with the aim to lead culturally competent lives focused on leadership and social justice,

and cultivate and foster physical and social/emotional space to celebrate a wide array of identities.









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Azriel Bryant

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Oliver Eckloff

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Inclusion & Belonging

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