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September 3-5, 2021 (estimated dates)

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2021 Recruitment Structure

Given the obstacles that we face with the COVID-19 Pandemic, major schedule changes and recruitment adjustments have been made to prioritize the health of our sorority women, potential new members, and the wellbeing of the Gettysburg Community as a whole. Check our page to learn more about these changes as more adjustments are made throughout the summer.

The structure listed below is the format used for the Fall 2020 process. As more is determined about the Fall semester, this will be updated.

Upcoming Events

March 17, 2021

Recruitment Registration Opens

Once you register, you will receive a Rho Gamma, a Sorority Woman who is focused on answering questions and supporting you through the recruitment process.

March 19, 2021

Bitmoji Recruitment

Click through chapter rooms in a low stress format, viewing chapter videos, pictures, etc.

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Week of April 5th

Panhellenic Week

Follow Panhellenic's Instagram (@gburgGreeks) during this week to learn more about each of the active NPC sorority chapters at Gettysburg College.

Week of April 12th

Meet the Greeks

Follow Panhellenic's Instagram (@gburgGreeks) during this week to learn more about each of the active NPC sorority chapters at Gettysburg College.

September 1, 2021 7-8pm (est)

Mandatory Pre-Recruitment Meeting

Final information and reminders for the recruitment weekend!


September 3-5, 2021 (est)

Formal Recruitment

The actual weekend of recruitment where you will meet members from each of the chapters and participate in the mutual selection processs!


Past Structure (2020)

Once the structure for the Fall 2021 process is finalized, it will be updated below.

Night 1: Video Round

Chapter videos will be posted by the first day of classes for you to view

You have the opportunity to send in a video about yourself (more info below) for chapters to view

You will have a meeting on Friday with your Rho Gamma during which you’ll learn how to enter your preferences in Campus Director

Night 2: Zoom rounds


Night 3 (Preference): Either in-person aligning with social distancing guidelines or Zoom


What To Do This Summer

(All Optional)

Update Campus Director

Additional questions have been added to Campus Director to provide the opportunity for you to let the chapters know more about you. The questions are optional, but we highly encourage filling, at least some, of them out.

PNM Video

Submit a video to help chapters learn more about you​. Specific requirements can be found on Campus Director.

Research the chapters:

Look at their National pages as well as their local pages. You're joining both.

Review the resources below

Questions or want to learn more?

P: 717-337-6304