Phi Delta Theta Risk Management Plan

Social Space Capacity: 150

First Floor

NOTE: Sober Monitor locations are subject to change due to current events, the map and descriptions are a general guide.

  • Placement of Sober Monitors

    1 sober monitor will be placed on the steps to monitor entry and exits of students.

    1 will be on the porch checking student ID's to make sure only students come inside as well as handing out over 21 wristbands to students who are allowed to consume alcohol. They will also be looking for any student who is already overly intoxicated to prevent them entry to the event.

    1 will be on the radiator in the foyer to prevent students from leaving with alcoholic beverages as well as stopping anyone from going up the south stairwell.

    1 will be in the dining room area where the dance floor will be to prevent anyone who does not have a wristband from drinking.

    1 will be in the living room area where the bar will be to prevent the same thing. This will be our lead sober monitor.

    1 will be located in the north stairwell to prevent students from going upstairs.

    All sober monitors will be on the look out for the safety of all students in the house. Sober monitors will be rotating positions in order to prevent complacency.

  • TIPS Servers/Bar

    The bar/TIPS servers will be in the living area in the top left corner if looking at the residence life first floor plan.

  • Snacks/Non-Alcoholic Beverages

    Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be available at the bar upon request by guests.

Floor Plan Images

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