Alpha Tau Omega Social Event Floor Plan


First Floor

Alpha Tau Omega Risk Management Plan

  • Social events hosted at our Chapter (Spring 2023)

    1. Delegate six sober monitors from our chapter to be present throughout the entire event, one of which will be appointed the lead.
    2. Two TIPS trained students should be present and be the ONLY people behind the bar at all times.
    3. Prepare Sober Snacks (unopened) and place them on the desk by the front door so guests will see them as soon as they enter (includes Water and other non-alcoholic drinks). These resources should be made known and available for all guests. There should be a one ounce bag of chips per attendee.
    4. Have wristbands ready for all guests who are twenty-one years of age or older, to indicate that they can be served/drink at the event.
    5. Prior to the event, decide whether we are going to be a “host provider” or engage in BYOB for alcoholic drinks. Once this is decided, strictly enforce the option selected.
    6. Ensure that all fire extinguishers are properly working, and all EXIT signs are illuminated for guests to make note of.
    7. Only allow acceptance into our Chapter through the front door. Do not allow guests to enter through the side door or basement at ANY point during the event. Unless of an emergency, ensure that this policy is being followed by guests when exiting the chapter as well.
    8. Delegate 3-5 members of the chapter to be on the porch and not let any guests enter the chapter who appear to be intoxicated by the discretion of the members of the chapter patrolling the porch, with the help of DPS. By doing this we are hoping to stay away from any potential problems regarding intoxicated students, and we reserve the right to refuse anyone from entering our chapter.
  • Crisis Management Plan

    1. Prior to any event, educate/ ensure that all members of the chapter are aware of what assault/sexual assault/rape/fondling/hazing are, along with other major policies/crimes that the school and town enforce. Also, educate members on what to do if they see any guests who could potentially be in this situation.
    2. In addition, make all members of the chapter aware the school policies for engaging in altercations and sexual assault situations, along with all the other policies that the school enforces. Also, educate the members of what the repercussions are for the school and town if you are found guilty of these things.
    3. In the case of an emergency, call DPS and/or 911 to assist in the situation. Clarify with the chapter members the different situations that could potentially arise, and the correct ways to react to such situations.
    4. If a student who is found over-intoxicated and has failed to respond, contact 911 for an ambulance assistance to ensure proper safety for the individual.
    5. Use DPS as our ally to assist us in keeping unwanted guests off our property. In addition, ask these resources for assistance when you see a possible that a physical and/or verbal altercation could arise to minimize anything potential problems from escalating.
  • Crowd Capacity/Control

    • It gets overcrowded quickly, and we will have sober monitors and members safely guide people out of the house. Members will also be at the door regulating how many people will come inside.
    • Basement Bar Area: 52
    • Basement Dance Floor: 93
    • First Floor Entrance: 15, Dining Area: 15 (We want to try to keep the upstairs as clear as possible)
    • The bathroom halls will also be kept clear, unless someone is using the lavatory.
    • Sober monitors and members will be instructed to keep an eye on the numbers of people in each area and enforce the capacity rules. Members at the door will stop people from entering when it gets overcrowded, or when it is overcrowding. If the party for some reason exceeds capacity limit, the music will shut off and Sober Monitors and members have been instructed to work together and safely guide people out of the fraternity.
  • Sober Monitor Placement

    • Two sober monitors from the fraternity will be stationed on the first floor. One will be on the porch and the other will be inside by the door. They will be stationed there because lots of crowds walk through towards the basement and we need to make sure nobody intoxicated goes downstairs.
    • Three more sober monitors from the fraternity will be downstairs. One will be placed by the bar, and two on opposite sides of the dance floor. The bar area gets crowded and is an important place for a sober monitor to be. The dance floor also gets crowded and hot, and at least two people should be watching to make sure everyone is okay.
    • When we have mixers, sororities will be required to bring sober monitors as well. One sorority sober monitor will be placed upstairs because its an important lit up place to identify if people are too intoxicated. Four more female monitors will be placed in the basement in similar places to the fraternity monitors downstairs for the same reasons.