Sigma Nu Risk Management Plan


This plan implements the Risk Reduction Policy and Guidelines of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc (hereinafter, the Guidelines), as well as the policies of Gettysburg College, for the Zeta Sigma Chapter.

The goal of this plan is to minimize the risk of personal injury or property damage on Zeta Sigma Chapter property during chapter-sponsored functions. This plan includes a system of accountability and discipline for those members who violate policy.

This plan supplements but does not duplicate the Guidelines. The Guidelines are incorporated herein by reference. In the event that any portion of this plan conflicts with the Guidelines, requirements of Gettysburg College, requirements of the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), or any law/ordinance, the requirements of the most restrictive requirement shall govern.


This plan applies to all activities that occur in the Chapter House or on the grounds owned by the Chapter or chapter sponsored events that occur elsewhere.


Although the Risk Management Chair has the lead responsibility for coordinating the implementation of this plan, all members are required to understand its provisions and follow its procedures. The chapter should review this implementation plan, in addition to the Risk Reduction Policy & Guidelines, no less frequently than once per semester.


1.) Do not accept, claim or acknowledge liability or fault. If dealing with personal injury, do not contact the family, allow Sigma Nu Headquarters or the Zeta Sigma Chapter to handle such matters.

2.) Notify necessary emergency personnel:

a. Gettysburg College Department of Public Safety – 717-337-6911 or 911

b. Eminent Commander (Tom Gordon) – 774-991-4023

c. Lieutenant Commander (Gabriel Bonilla) - 646-413-0856

d. Risk Reduction Chairman (Jackson Powell) – 717-357-4925

e. House Corporation Representative At-Large (Ryan Day) – 401-533-3729, (Kevin Bond) – 443-761-9945

f. Sigma Nu Headquarters – 540-463-1869.

3.) Call emergency chapter meeting to be held immediately after the crisis/emergency is resolved: Notify members of incident and plan of action.

The safety and survival of people supersedes all. Attend to people first before handling the situation.

5.0 Safety During Social Events

With the safety of our guests being of paramount importance to the Sigma Nu brotherhood, we will implement and enforce strict guidelines and rules to avoid especially dangerous situations for guests. The social event risk management plan is as follows:

1. Throughout the entire duration of the social event, at least one sober monitor will be stationed in the bar room of the basement in a continuous shift rotation system to oversee what beverages are being served and to whom the beverages are being served. This will aim to prevent underage consumption of alcohol and it will stop brothers who desire to serve their own alcoholic beverages to guests. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are kept on top of the bar.

*If the sober monitor on barroom shift, who is TIPS trained sees a brother serving hard liquor or an unknown mixed alcoholic drink or beer /any drink to someone without a wristband in the social event or does anything that is forbidden in this risk management plan, school policy, and National Headquarters policy, he is required to immediately inform and report the policy violation to the acting Risk Chair and acting President as to make sure the chapter is taking the most responsible and appropriate care of the guest(s) involved. The only people who are allowed to serve drinks are brothers who are TIPS certified.

2. At least two brothers will be stationed on the first-floor stairs of the chapter house in a rotating shift system to identify any guest that shows clear signs of intoxication and who is in need of our help. If an instance like this occurs, brothers are advised to report this situation to the acting Risk Management Chair and then notify DPS. Call DPS immediately if this individual clearly needs assistance.

3. Brothers are not allowed to bring their own alcoholic drinks to any social event. In such a case, The Zeta Sigma Judicial Board has the authority to issue an immediate, temporary social probation to this brother until the ensuing investigation into the occurrence to assess further reprimands has been completed.

4. All brothers and new members on the rotating door shift for the duration of the social event have been informed on how to deal with a potential situation of an intoxicated guest wanting to come into the chapter house. Door shift members have the crucially important responsibility of assessing whether it is safe or not for both the guest and the chapter to let a particular guest(s) into the social event. It is a commonly accepted expectation that our door shift members appropriately assess whether or not a potential guest is showing clear signs of intoxication and whether he or she needs immediate assistance from DPS. If such a case arises, door shift members have been informed to not hesitate in seeking help from DPS in order to get the student the help he or she needs.

5. In the event of an active shooter around the Chapter House.

Simultaneously the following will occur:

A. Members will escort guests to the upstairs rooms and lock the doors.

B. The President and Vice President will secure all exterior doors, lock windows, and close blinds on the first floor.

C. A message will be sent within the group chat by the Risk Reduction Officer reminding members to keep people away from the windows and attempt to remain quiet. The house has a “Sigma Nu 911” group chat that is used for emergencies. (They will have a prewritten message ready to be sent in the event of this emergency.)

D. The Chapter Secretary will dial 911 and explain the situation.

The Chapter will wait for further instructions from first responders

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