Sigma Alpha Epsilon Social Event Floor Plan


  • Risk Management

    * If someone is physically injured, we will call DPS or 911 if severe enough.

    * If minor injuries occur, the “floater” sober monitor and the head sober monitor will take the individual into chapter and help the best they can.

  • Sober Monitor Placement

    * The first location is on the front porch; 2 sober monitors will check student IDs and verify names with the list provided. They will then allow entry to the house.

    *The next position is seated inside the front door of the foyer. This is where bracelets are given to students who are 21 and older. He will also make sure no students go upstairs to the second floor, along with leading all students toward the basement.

    *. The final 2 sober monitors are located in the basement. One of them is next to the fire alarm by the back door to prevent unwanted entry or exit. The other sober monitor is called a “floater,” who moves around the basement making sure everything is going smoothly.

    *This process should prevent underage drinking, risky behavior, aid in crowd control, and prevent overcrowding

  • Crowd/Capacity Control

    * Capacity Limit is 150 people in the space.