Sigma Chi Risk Management Plan

Health and Safety Plan

- The Risk Manager will provide a presentation to the chapter at the beginning of the semester reminding the brothers of the COVID-19

related safety protocols.

- The Chapter’s Executive Board will be responsible for the implementation and strict adherence to the campus health and safety requirements and other guidelines enumerated herein. The Risk Manager will be the primary recipient of all future guidance and direction from the International Fraternity.

- Every member shall hold themselves and their fellow members responsible for enforcing the current and any potential future health and safety requirements of Gettysburg College.

- If a chapter member tests positive for COVID-19 or come into close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, they should follow the school’s policy on quarantine and isolation. Additionally, any chapter member that does test positive for COVID-19 should inform the Risk Manager of their test result as soon as they learn the result of their test, so that the Chapter may take the proper steps to avoid the spread of the virus.

- Any and all Sigma Chi social, educational, and philanthropic events will be approved by Gettysburg College prior to the event to ensure the safety of all participating members.

Registered Events

A registered event shall hereby be defined as those events that are required to be registered with the Gettysburg College’s Campus Safety as decided by college policy. There shall be no glass objects (bottles, glasses etc.) present during the Registered Event, unless permitted by the Sober Monitor on duty (for the express purpose of Special Invitation Events).

Each event shall have eight Sober Monitors, two of which shall be designated as TIPS servers, defined as members who have a blood alcohol content level of 0.0, before and throughout the event’s duration.

- The Sober Monitor, being of sound mind and unimpaired judgment, shall have authority over all others throughout the event.

- All members will be TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) trained to facilitate alcohol-registered events

- For every event, there will be a Lead Sober Monitor. This Lead Sober Monitor is required to be an active member of the executive board.

- The Lead Sober Monitor is responsible for contacting Campus Safety for both the pre and post party walkthroughs. In the case of a crisis at an event, the Lead Sober will assume the lead of command until they determine that the highest ranking officer in the chain of command is sober enough to assume command.

- There will be two Sober Monitors at the entrance way of the house throughout the event. The Sober Monitors have sole discretion over the flow of traffic into the house. They [referring to the Sober Monitors from here thereon] must ensure that all guests of the fraternity under the age of 21 are to be marked so that they are not served alcohol, under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania.

-They must ensure that no person may leave the property with alcohol.

-They must refuse entrance to those who are intoxicated or deemed a threat to the safety and comfort of the fraternity, its members, and their guests.


● If all risk management procedures fail and an incident does occur, the Crisis Management Procedures should be used to handle emergency situations. These procedures apply for any emergency situation.

● The Consul will be in command of every emergency situation.

● In the absence of the Consul, the chain of command is as follows:

○ Consul

○ Pro Consul

○ Risk Manager

○ Annotator

○ Quaestor

○ Magister

○ Recruitment Chairman

○ Philanthropy Chairman

○ Scholarship Chairman

○ Tribune

○ Kustos

○ Any brother from here on.

In the event of a crisis, the following procedures will be followed:

The chapter house will be closed immediately, only allowing chapter members and officials to enter the house. Two brothers and/or an officer from DPS will be guarding the door. All guests will be told to calmly and efficiently exit the house.

Dial 911 and calmly explain the situation so the proper emergency personnel can respond. Next, contact the College.

o Call DPS : 717-337-6911, They will connect you to the proper office.


● In the event of overly intoxicated guests, those guests shall be moved to a quiet part of the house and DPS shall be notified as soon as a brother is aware of the situation.

● In the event a guest or member becomes overly intoxicated and passes out, follow

these important steps:

1. Call DPS immediately.

2. If you cannot wake the person, seek medical help immediately. They may be injured or may have a medical problem you are not aware of.

3. Put the victim in the recovery position.

4. Gently roll him/her towards you moving the body and head as one unit.

5. Tilt head back slightly to maintain the airway. Tuck the nearest hand under the neck to stabilize the head. DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE.


In the event that a guest in the house or a member of this chapter reports that they have been sexually assaulted or have witnessed a sexual assault, immediately contact the consul and institute the crisis management plan.

Contact DPS and Chapter Advisor Richard Krisch: 717-475-7689 (cell)

Floor Plan

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