Meet the Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of six members and are elected every spring semester; Presidential and Vice Presidential positions by the campus cohort, and technocratic positions by the voting members of the student senate. The role of the Executive Board is to oversee the internal and external operations of the Senate through setting goals and developing action plans to attain them, while maintaining the goal of creating a forum for discussion about the concerns of the campus community.

Kurtis Grey


The President of the Student Senate chairs the General Senate, Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee. They are representative of the Student Body by serving on various institutional committees, attending various meetings, and creating strong relationships with members of the Administration and Faculty of Gettysburg College. The President oversees all functions of the Student Senate to ensure proper accordance to the constitution and college policy.

Katie Troy

Vice President

The Vice-President of the Student Senate manages the inner workings of the Senate, primarily running three sets of elections throughout the year; for senators, technocratic positions, and Presidential/Vice Presidential positions. They are also charged with maintaining the senator onboarding process and any other assigned additional responsibilities from the President as necessary.

Connor Heath


The Treasurer of the Student Senate has responsibilities with the main goal of serving as a student liaison between financial services and the student body. They serve as the chair of the Budget Management Committee, which is responsible for overseeing the dispersal and documentation of the Student Senate budget to sponsor Senate funded events.

Jenna Giordano


The Secretary is charged with formulating minutes during the Senate meetings, so that pertinent information can be easily accessed. They are responsible for tracking attendance of all Senate members in the beginning of each meeting to ensure that the Senate operates under the rules of quorum, that Senators are within their three absences, and that clubs are within their four absence allowance. Duties also entail sending out the agendas and minutes, updating the Senate Bulletin Board, and providing utilities in which Senate recognized clubs can publicize their events.

Lauren Browning


The Parliamentarian's duty is to guide the parliamentary procedure though acting as the chair of the Senate Policy Committee. This committee reviews the Student Senate Constitution and discusses ways it can be improved, revised, and amended. Meaning, the Parliamentarian is responsible for interpreting the constitution and bylaws when rules or regulations are debated. The Parliamentarian is also charged with the task of revisiting and revising parts of the Student Senate Constitution.

Daniel Jones

Inclusion Officer

The Inclusion Officer is charged with leading the inclusion/diversity committees and shifting the pedagogy currently in place within the senate into one that supports and encourages minority students to speak up about any inequities which currently affect them whether directly or indirectly. The Inclusion Officer will work with voting members to make the senate a much less seclusive and less cloistered governing body through the forms of Intercultural Development Inventory assessment (IDI) and educational opportunities to inform senate members of social justice and diversity.