Questions and Concerns

Voice your questions and concerns with us

The Online Questions and Concerns platform is regularly reviewed by the Senate Executive Board so that they may best address the issues that students see on campus.

If you have a question or concern, fill out this form

Once a submission is reviewed by the Executive Board, it will be reviewed in the Senate and sent to the President's Council, which consists of senior administrators who report directly to President Iuliano. The President's Council will review 2-3 issues per week. As a result, your issue may not be addressed right away.

How it works:

Concern Is submitted

via the form above

Concern is reviewed by the President, Vice President, and the rest of the Executive Board as needed


Concern shared with the President's Council or the division it applies to

Biweekly at their meeting

Response is posted & sent to you

On the sheet below

UPdates on submissions can be found Here

Responses are copy and paste of what was told to us by administration after their weekly meetings.