Our Committees

The Student Senate Committees are functioning units of change, focusing on a specific area of the Senate or the college. The committees are open to all students, as the chairs are always looking for new and fresh perspectives to initiate progress.

Academic & Career Affairs

Chair: Carter Zamora & Rocco Rodrigues

The Academic and Career Affairs Committee is charged with representing the academic concerns of students and serves as voting members on the Faculty Academic Affairs committee, as well as Board of Trustees Academic Affairs committee. The committee is also responsible for facilitating open dialogue with the Center for Career Engagement by reporting all career events to the Senate.

Budget Management Committee (BMC)

Chair: Treasurer of the Senate

BMC consists of the treasurer and eight voting members, who serve to ensure efficient management of Student Senate funds, documentation of all financial transactions, and allocation of funds to Student Senate's recognized organizations. The BMC also advises Student Senate concerning proposals for additional funds.

College Life Advisory Committee (CLAC)

Chair: Andrew Lemon & Aidan Wisniewski-Campo

CLAC works closely with the College Life Office to offer feedback on policies developed by the office. The chair holds in depth discussions on campus issues that are of concern to the students in an attempt to find ways to make changes and improvements. The group also reviews campus programming to offer insight and continue to help improve college policies.

Diversity  Committee

Chair of Diversity: Nicholas Ryan & Habib Yousef

Chair of Inclusion: Allie Acero

The diversity committee seeks to prioritize the establishment of a lasting line of communication between the committee itself, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the student body at large. The Senate Inclusion Committee (SIC) consists of 5 voting members, with the Diversity Committee Chair serving as a non-voting resource, and The Inclusion Officer as the non-voting chair of the committee. It serves to function as a safe place where all are welcome to come and to productively critique specifics of the senate in order to foster an open and inclusive environment on campus where all students can engage in open discussion regarding issues of diversity and inclusion. To report a bias incident: https://www.gettysburg.edu/offices/college-life/care/report-a-concern

Senate Opinions Committee

Chair: Thomas Cassara & Michael Woods

The Opinions Committee focuses on drafting and deliberating opinions of the Student Senate while fostering an ideology of inclusiveness in order to commit to change on campus formulated by students' wants and experiences. Opinions are sent to the Senate floor to be voted upon before being sent to the respective office of concern on campus.

Senate Outreach Committee

Chair: Secretary of the Senate

The Senate Outreach Committee is charged with publicizing all Student Senate meetings and sponsored events and maintaining the Student Senate image through social media. The committee chair manages the Senate website and other accounts in order to promote accessibility and inclusion for students on campus. The committee also works closely with the IT Department in order to incorporate student feedback in the realms of digital programming.

Rules and Administration Committee

Chair: Parlimentarian of the Senate

The Senate Policy Committee reviews all constitutions of clubs and organizations as well as the Constitution of the Student Senate. The committee is chaired by the Parliamentarian, who is responsible for reviewing all language and drafts of Senate resolutions, along with dealing with all grievances, while serving as the investigatory arm of the Senate when need be.

Senate Safety Committee

Chair: Dominic DiLuzio & Vivek Rallabandi

The Gettysburg College Student Senate Safety Committee strives to promote a safe community through direct communication to both the Department of Public Safety and Facilities to ensure students are living in safe environment during their time on campus.

Senate Sustainability Committee

Chair: Jackson Boyle & Emma Rokoszak

The Senate Sustainability committee ensures campus wide sustainability efforts, while bringing new ideas to the table in how to make our campus more green.

Senate Select Committe on Wellness

Chair: Kelly Kline

The Senate Select Committee on Wellness is a committee called by the president to discuss issues of mental wellbeing on campus.

Elections and Onboarding Committee

Chair: Vice President of the Senate

The Elections and Onboarding Committee is chaired by the Vice President and oversees election rules, administration, and planning.