Events with Alcohol

The Office of Student Activities & Greek Life is responsible for approving all events with alcohol at the College. When a sponsoring organization is looking to serve alcohol at one of their events, they must indicate that on their 25Live request and fill out the subsequent Events with Alcohol form to provide additional information about the event.

All events with alcohol must follow the College's Social Event Policy.

There are three different types of events with alcohol that may take place at Gettysburg College. They are listed below.

Traditional Host Provider

This type of event with alcohol is one where the organization requests alcohol at their event and, upon approval, the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life provides both the alcohol and the TIPs Servers for the event.

Traditional Host Provider events mainly occur in the Attic or the CUB Ballroom. Events that happen in other locations tend to be Organization Managed Host Provider events.

Please view this brief tutorial if you have any questions about hosting an event with alcohol. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to Paige Redmond at