Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask Yourself When Thinking About Formal Recruitment?

Why do I want to "go Greek"?

What do I want in a Greek organization? Are these qualities present in the chapters I am interested in?

Do the chapters stress values and interests that are important to me?

How will being a member of a Greek organization benefit me in the future?

What can I gain from membership, and what can I contribute?

Can I afford the financial obligations of membership?

Questions You Might Ask During Recruitment Events

How does the chapter promote academic achievement?

How is the chapter involved in community service and philanthropy work?

What are the financial obligations if I become a new member?

What do you like about Greek life at Gettysburg?

How long is the new member program, and how much time will I need to devote to it?

What have you gotten out of being in this organization? What makes it special?

What are the rules pertaining to living in the house, and what is the availability of housing?

What kind of social events are planned for this year?